GUSS’s true strength lies in its efficiency. GUSS’s ability to spray row after row and field after field in a timely manner is unmatched by manned equipment.

Efficiency Features

Labor Efficiency

A single operator in a control van can monitor a fleet of GUSS sprayers.

Eliminating Operator Error

Vehicle speed, fan speed, and application rates are set precisely into GUSS’s software and remain consistent across the entire field. Less mistakes means less time lost and more cost savings.

Efficient Refilling

Fast and efficient nurse truck refilling, perfected over 35 years in the spray business, keeps GUSS moving in the field. GUSS is pre-programmed to know when to stop for refilling. Once full, with the press of a button, the control van operator sends GUSS on its way.

Less Down Time

GUSS does not get tired, need meal breaks, or call in sick. It just sprays, day in and day out.

Keeps You Farming

GUSS will be in and out of your field in record time, allowing you to resume daily farming tasks with minimal time lost.