“Necessity breeds innovation”

– Dave Crinklaw

GUSS is the latest invention by Dave Crinklaw, an innovative leader in the agriculture spraying business for over 35 years. GUSS combines tried and true equipment design aspects with state-of-the-art modern technologies. The result is a reliable, battle-proven design with automation that will propel agriculture into the future.



GUSS is 100% driverless. It was designed to remove the operator from the tractor and instead use software to drive the vehicle.


GUSS utilizes the most advanced vehicle sensors and software available to guide itself through the orchard.

Streamlined Design

The low-profile shape of GUSS was designed to allow tree branches to flow over the top of the vehicle so as to not damage or dislodge fruit from the tree limbs.


Orchards are planted in various row widths, therefore GUSS was designed with 4-wheel steering giving it a 17-foot turning radius. This maximizes efficiency by allowing the machine to easily turn from one row to the next.

Control Van

A control van is utilized to monitor several sprayers at a time. Radio signals are continuously transmitted between the van and sprayers relaying position data, machine vital statistics, and live video for the van operator to monitor.

Fab Shop

GUSS is designed and built in our state-of-the-art fabrication shop in Kingsburg, CA. Each part of GUSS is computer designed. All steel parts are CNC plasma cut to maximize precision.