Safety was our number one goal while designing GUSS. GUSS is safer for employees, the environment, and our food.

Safety Features

Employee Safety

GUSS removes the operator from the tractor, thus eliminating the chance of driver exposure to the products being applied.

Obstacle Detection

GUSS utilizes a laser that immediately stops the vehicle when it senses a person or object in front of the vehicle.

Impact Sensing Bumper

As a backup to the laser, GUSS has a touch sensitive bumper that shuts the vehicle down when pushed.

Onboard Camera

GUSS is equipped with a camera which live streams video to the control van operator. If the operator sees any indication of a problem, he can remotely shut the vehicle down.

Virtual Fence

Each time GUSS sprays a field, a virtual fence is added around the field in the mapping software. If the vehicle crosses this perimeter for any reason, it is automatically shut down.

Safety for the Environment

GUSS applies products in a very precise and exact manner. Removing the driver from the sprayer eliminates operator error which could lead to over application or products being applied in the wrong area.

Food Safety

The precision that GUSS sprays with also improves food safety. GUSS provides the grower with a data file which details all pertinent information from the application. This information can be very helpful in the marketing of crops.